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Welcome to my home. Have a look around. What do you see? What do you think? What are your reactions to these images? What questions arise for you? I ask myself these things as I paint. I ask you those questions now, as you look at these things I've painted.

For me, painting is about feeling. I dive deeper than thought and find myself submerged in hope, anticipation, joy, fear. From this act of emotional acquiescence emerge these visual manifestations. I portray the sublime divine in female form. These paintings are new images of the oldest of stories, creation.

I use many color-carriers when I paint - acrylics, pastels, oils, markers, colored paper, watercolors, crayons - to define images on a variety of surfaces, including salvaged barn siding, roofing slate, construction board and ceramic drainage tile, as well as the more traditional linen or cotton canvas. The choices are made according to my tactile needs at the time. Sometimes I yearn for the buttery feel of oil paints on ceramic. Sometimes I crave the rough, rowdy feel of boards or chalks. Sometimes the swishy roll of watercolor across paper meets my hunger.

But, always, the surface stands in the stead of cave ceilings and mesa walls. The color follows the intuition of my spirit. These images are alter egos (and altar egos) mined from the place where my psyche joins with the collective spiritual unconscious.

Feel welcome to explore further. At Kat's Art Page you will find some of my newest work.

Please respect the work. All the images were created entirely by the artist, Kathi Anderson, and reproduction in any form without permission is against the law and also not very nice.

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